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Y-Type Disc Filters

Y-Type Disc Filters

With superior technology, ALWASAL’s disc filters prioritize multiple filtration grades, high efficiency, and water-saving advantages. These filters, designed with a streamlined structure, are easy to clean.


Y type disc filters are applicable to low flow rate water filtering for agriculture irrigation and landscape irrigation. With built-in pres-sure pipeline, Y type disc filter can efficiently filter out particles.







Alwasail chooses colorful & thin polypropylene discs with multiple filtration grades. The discs are diagonally grooved on both sides in opposite directions. A series of discs are stacked and compressed, locking on a specially designed filter spine. The oppositely directed grooves between any adjacent discs will be pressed together, creating many crossing small spaces, formed as a series of unique filtration paths to contain impurities. In the filtration process, the force of the spring, along with the differential pressure, firmly compresses these discs together and through multiple crossing spaces, it can provide distinctive in-depth filtration.



  • Compact structure fits in narrow spaces
  • Gasket set in the lid
  • Innovative grooved discs design holds large amounts of solids
  • Threaded closure system is easy and safe with low pressure loss
  • Resistant to chemical products
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Equipped with auxiliary connections
  • Comes with 2 ports preset for connecting a pressure gauge




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