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The manufacturing facilities that produces Alwasail’s major product lines, lie on 5 manufacturing sites with over 125,000 sq. meters with complete raw material and finished goods storage facilities (silos and hangers) and other support service.

For the extrusion and injection molding there are 100 production lines with more than 200 on-shelf molds. The rubber and insulation production has 4 lines for rubber seals and 6 lines for foam insulation.

The factory has top of the line testing laboratories equipped with all required instrumentation to test and comply with the most stringent requirements. It has complete quality control & engineering systems and proper staff to comply with all accreditation testing and procedural requirements. The laboratory is marked to have an upgrade and transformation to become a third party testing approved laboratory and service center.

Pipes Extrusion
Plant - A.

  • 10 High-Speed Extrusion Lines with full automatic coilers
  • Irrigation and communication pipes
  • Full automatic materials feeding systems
  • Coils-Drums pipes lengths up to 2000 mts
  • Drip irrigation pipes with built-in emitters
  • Daily Production Capacity 50 Tons
  • Sizes 3mm to 63 mm

Pipes Extrusion
Plant - B.

  • 18 High-Speed Extrusion Lines with full automatic coilers
  • Sizes 20mm to 110mm
  • Multi Layers communication pipes
  • Coils-Drums pipes lengths up to 2000 mts
  • Pipes with built In rope
  • Daily Production Capacity 95 Tons
  • Full automatic materials feeding systems

Pipes Extrusion
Plant - C.

  • 18 Extrusion Lines equipped with large coilers
  • Sizes 110 mm to 1200 mm
  • Water-Sewage-Communication pipes
  • Coils-Drum-Pcs pipes
  • 200 mm pipes in coils
  • Double wall corrugated pipes up to 280 mm
  • Daily Production Capacity 150 Tons
  • Full automatic materials feeding systems

Molding Plant

  • 47 Injection molding machines
  • 2000 products
  • +2000 molds
  • Multiple engineering materials
  • Water-Sewage-Communication-Irrigation fittings
  • Injection machines Sizes up to 1300 tons
  • Products weight up to 30kg
  • Daily Production Capacity 20 Tons


  • High precise welding and cutting tools
  • Ability to produce fittings as per customer requests
  • Water-Sewage-Irrigation fittings

Logistics Facilities

  • +40 Heavy Trucks supply products wherever needed
  • +25 Local branches and agents all around the region
  • +125,000 m2 in main warehouses in addition to the branches
  • warehouses to cover immediate requests


  • High precise machines
  • Molds-tools-spare parts fabrication facility
  • Highly skilled team in both design and executing processes
  • High technology cad cam systems

Quality Control

  • 2 Quality control labs
  • All products observed through production journey from raw material to products 24/7 running tests
  • Products have been certified globally
  • All raw materials are required for incoming inspection
  • All products have to pass-through with quality control checks such as first piece, online and final before release.


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