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Clamp Saddles

Special Features:

Alwasail PP Saddle clamp is specially designed for tapping connections from Service Main. Alwasail Clamp Saddles have quite different structure and are consist of two parts, (Base and Upper Part). Both pieces are made of Polypropylene. According to their sizes clamp saddles may have two, four or six bolts
  • Alwasail saddles is quickfit and easiest saddle on the market to install.
  • No need Glue, Primer or precutting
  • More flexible, reliable than the conventional fittings
  • Less installation time to reduce labour cost
  • Provide “O” ring to prevent leakage
  • Easy installation and maintenance the underground water lines
  • Saddle installation requires minimal excavation work to reduce time and labour cost
  • Suitable for all Polyethylene, PVC, steel pipes etc., and also suitable for all DIN & ASTM pipes
  • PP saddles are absolutely Rust- free and Corrosion-Free over the other type of saddles.
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