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Super Standard Clamp Saddle

Super Standard Clamp Saddle

Alwasail PP Clamp Saddle is specially designed for tapping connections from Service Main.

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  • Alwasail PP Clamp Saddle is specially designed for tapping connections from Service Main.
  • Alwasail Clamp Saddles have quite different structures and are consist of two parts, (Base and Upper Part). Both pieces are made of Polypropylene.
  • According to their sizes, clamp saddles may have two, four or six bolts
  • Alwasail saddles are the quickest and easiest saddle on the market to install.
  • No need for Glue, Primer, or precutting
  • More flexible, and reliable than the conventional fittings
  • Less installation time to reduce labor cost
  • Provide an “O” ring to prevent leakage
  • Easy installation and maintenance of the underground water lines
  • Saddle installation requires minimal excavation work to reduce time and labor cost
  • Suitable for all Polyethylene, PVC, steel pipes, etc., and also suitable for all DIN & ASTM pipes PP saddles are Rust-Free and Corrosion-Free over the other type of saddles.



a) Base
b) Upper part
c) ‘O’ Ring
d) Bolt & Nuts

Base & Upper part :
Saddle (Base and Upper Part) Both pieces are made of combination of Polypropylene Grade PP – 570 and PP – 440

‘O’ Ring
‘O’ Rings are made of a styrene-butadiene – rubber (SBR)

Bolt & Nuts
Bolt and nuts are made of stainless steel with yellow plated Hex Bolts, full thread Din 933 – Cl – 4.8
Stainless Steel Bolt & Nut (Optional) to be supplied on Request

Reinforced Ring
Reinforced ring made of stainless steel ( Pro & Super saddle Model only)

No of Bolts / Saddle :

Sizes (mm) No. of Bolts
25 – 50 2
63 – 110 4
125 – 135 6

Manufacturing Standard: According to DIN – ASTM & others
Colour: Black
Execution: Injection
Tapping Outlet: BSP Thread

Alwasail pipe saddles will maintain a compression seal for normal working pressures 16 bar.

Alwasail pipe saddles have been approved by TUV CERT ISO 9002 Certification Body of RWTUV systems Gmph.

Code Type L
S Small 40 30 30 0.036
M Medium 60 40 25 0.06
L Large 60 50 40 0.12

Materials have complied with recommendations and statutory regulations in the USA and most European Countries regarding materials intended to come in contact with foodstuff.

  1. Position “O” ring on the top half of the saddle.
  2. Position bottom half of saddle on the pipe.
  3. Position the top half of the saddle on the pipe and insert bolts from the bottom.
  4. Fasten nut and bolts by Alwasail key for the saddle (Part # WSK – T 513).
  5. Drill hole in pipe with a hole saw bit.

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