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Alwasail irrigation products include fittings, clamp saddles, valve boxes, tools and accessories used for irrigation systems. For more detailed information of this product category, you may check our Irrigation catalog. Alwasail Irrigation Product Company - Alwasail Industrial Company

Irrigation Products

Alwasail Industrial Company is a leading manufacturer of Polyethylene pipes, fittings, and irrigation equipment. We pioneered many of the developments in production technology. One is continuing the development of Alwasail irrigation products with the introduction of the latest techniques and equipment. 

Quality Assurance

Alwasail ensures that we manufacture high standards in all of our products. We aim to exceed the expectations of our customers on many counts:

We maintain strict quality control through all stages of our production in our Alwasail quality control laboratories. 

Our production facility is certified to ISO 9002. 


With three decades of experience, Alwasail continues to adapt to the new irrigation farming technologies. We use the proper materials, following the irrigation methodologies and trends, and hiring technical experts. Alwasail products are now widely used in water conveyance industries, under pressurized irrigation networks, farms, and more.

Main Objective

We aim to help our clients and customers to recognize the proper use of water and soil resources. They are the farmers, orchard owners, government ministries, and other end-users.

Alwasail aims to increase irrigation efficiency and bring more yield to attain a higher rate of profit over expenses while keeping the water and soil resources away from pollution and degradation.

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