The Board of Directors

The company is a closed joined stock company owned by Almusheikah family five brothers and they represent themselves at the board. Founded by Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah Almushekih, and together by the other four brothers, Nasser Abdullah, Abdul Aziz, Saleh Abdullah, Abdul Kader.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah Almushekih
Chairman Board of Directors

Nasser Abdullah Almushekih

Board of Director

Abdul Kader Abdullah Almushekih

CEO and Board of Director

Saleh Abdullah Almushekih

Board of Director & Managing Director

Sulaiman Alrumaih

Board of Director

Ahmed A. Al-Rebdi

Board of Director

The Managing Director

Currently, Saleh is the managing director and board of directors member. He is responsible for all the day-to-day management decisions and sets the tone of the company’s image, management, and operations together with the CEO, Abdul Kader.

The Chief Executive Officer

Abdul Kader, the fifth of the brothers, is the appointed CEO and board member. Implementing Alwasail’s long and short-term plans, and communicates to the Board on behalf of management. He continued the systematic procedures and the newly hired management team to enhance productivity and management’s best practices. All enhancements are reflected well on the company’s performance and the readiness to face 2021, Insha Allah, succeeding more years.