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Male Threaded Tee

Male Threaded Tee

Code Size

Line x BSP Male Branch x Line
(mm x inch x mm)

WS-TB-TMT16MM x 1/2" x 16MM
WS-TB-TMT16MM x 3/4" x 16MM
WS-TB-TMT20MM x 1/2" x 20MM
WS-TB-TMT20MM x 3/4" x 20MM
WS-TB-TMT25MM x 1/2" x 25MM
WS-TB-TMT25MM x 3/4" x 25MM
WS-TB-TMT25MM x 1" x 25MM
WS-TB-TMT32MM x 1/2" x 32MM
WS-TB-TMT32MM x 3/4" x 32MM
WS-TB-TMT32MM x 1" x 32MM

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