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Grooved Wall Conduit

Grooved Wall Conduit

Alwasail telecommunication conduits provide necessary security and protection for telecommunication and electrical cables against harsh and high-pressured environments.

The company also produces customized ducts in coils which provide convenience in installation and for meeting specific construction needs. Alwasail even provides sequential foot markings for ease of installation.

Category : Pipes & Conduits

Product Features:

  • Cables pre-installed in HDPE
  • Standard wall thickness
  • Pre-lubricated during assembly process
  • Inside diameter groove; available in sizes as per request
  • Sizes: 16-50 mm
  • Low-sliding friction to aid in the pulling and jetting of Micro-Guard

    and micro-cables

  • High tensile strength material for longer pulling distances
  • Variety of colors/ stripes for identification – paralleling available
  • Sequential-marked meters
  • UV-formulated material for outside storage
  • Complete line of fittings and accessories

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