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Barbed Valves

Whether you are managing a golf course, running a farm or just being a backyard weekend warrior, our line of Turf and Agriculture Products are designed for industrial and general-purpose to keep your lawn and garden well maintained at home, business, or farms.

Description Item Code Quantity
(Per Carton)
Barb x Barb
(mm x mm)

Inlet x Outlet
(mm x mm)

13 x 13 WS-VQA1212 500 8.75
16 x 16 WS-VQA58 450 8.80
19 x 19 WS-VQA-34 150 8.00
22 x 22 WSVQA-22 150 8.40
32 x 32 WS-VQA114 125 7.80
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