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Plastic Manual Disc Filter

Plastic Manual Disc Filter

Alwasail supplies a range of manual filters manufactured in technical plastic. It is resistant to most of the products normally used in agriculture.

The hydraulic design of the filter minimizes the head loss, saving energy and optimizing its performance.


During the filtration process, the water flows inside the filtration discs where the particles are retained.

It has a simple and safe structure, the maintenance labors are dramatically reduced. It is unnecessary to use tools for the maintenance of the filter.

The optimized lock system of the thread makes the filter very resistant to the sharp changes of pressure and temperature, avoiding deformations in the set housing-thread.


Description Model
(Per Box)
2″ BSP Plastic Disc Filter T-Shape 2NR 30 m³/h
2″ BSP Super Plastic Disc Filter T-Shape 2SR 30 m³/h
3″ BSP Compact Plastic Disc Filter T-Shape 3CR 50 m³/h
3″ BSP Plastic Disc Filter T-Shape 3NR 50 m³/h


Description Model
(Per Box)
4″ BSP Double Disc Filter 4NL 70 m³/h
4″ BSP Super Double Disc Filter 4SL 100 m³/h
6″ BSP Double Disc Filter 6NB 100 m³/h

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